The Cone - Black

The Cone - Black

Price: 129.95

Distributor: Twisted Products Limited

The Cone is a uniquely shaped vibrator designed for external stimulation. It's 100% silicone surface is smooth and slightly pliable, which usually helps transmits vibrations in order to the entire genital region. Lie on it, sit down up against it or even even utilize it standing upward - The Cone provides a non-slip base. The particular Cone's comes equipped along with 16 modes that are usually easily accessed with all the contact of a button. The particular Cone also has the an "instant orgasm" key that takes the consumer through all 16 settings on its own. Driven by a 3-volt, three or more, 000 rpm gold clean motor that requires 3 C batteries, The Cone can endure even the most powerful of electrical vibrators. The Cone steps 7" in diameter in its base and offers a height of approximately 4. 5".

Product ID (PID): 113388


Group / Category: Vibrators - Waterproof Toys - Ultimate Gifts - Black Toys - Gifts for Her

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