Tenga Egg - Stepper

Tenga Egg - Stepper

Price: 5.99

Distributor: Tenga

Split Open the revolutionary TENGA Egg Masturbator and appreciate you rbest Orgasm Actually! These Little beauties stretch out to bit any size- Simply add the surrounded pouch of lube plus enjoy knee trembling feelings from the super tactile ribbed sleeve.

The Tenga Ovum Stepper contains numerous rounded wedges that face up and down, for constant stimulation. With each stroke the smooth detailing massages your shaft bringing you closer and closer to the edge!

Degigned in Japan for solitary use, however , with careful use/cleaning and more lube, your Tenga Egg should become good to go again!

Product ID (PID): 115653


Group / Category: Masturbators - Gifts for Him - Tenga - New Sex Toy - Toys Under 50 - Toys Sale - Super Toys Sale

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