Tenga Deep Throat Cup - Standard

Tenga Deep Throat Cup - Standard

Price: 11.99

Distributor: Tenga

Distinctive pinched shape with suction valve creates a sexy sucking sound simulating real oral sex. Inside pre-lubricated soft jelly textured nubs and ribs heighten the stimulation. A top air vent can be left open or closed with a fingertip based on your suction choices. Length: 6. 5", Size 2. 5". The Heavy Throat cup from the Tenga masturbation cup series allows you experience a heavy sucking sensation. Special regulators create a virtual vacuum cleaner within the cup, to provide an amazing sucking feeling. The top air in-take can be left open up or closed, with fingertip, based on your suction choices. The initial pinched-in shape associated with the cup helps in order to achieve an unparalleled rigidity. These advanced features mix with an arousing slurping sound and vibration provide you the feeling that will you're enjoying a actual deep throat experience.

Product ID (PID): 113823


Group / Category: Masturbators - Gifts for Him - New Sex Toy - Gay Toy - Toys Under 50 - Last Minute for Him - Super Toys Sale

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