Petite Flowers-Swirl Hibiscus-Pink

Petite Flowers-Swirl Hibiscus-Pink

Price: 18.71

Distributor: Doc Johnson

Doctor Johnson presents Flowers, the technological wonder cover within terrifically sensual floral styles. Available in daisies, hibiscuses and roses, and within six vibrant colors, they will feature multi-speed dial controllers, a fully waterproof covering, and each is throw in soft, non-toxic TPE. Flowers, only from Doctor Johnson. The perfect dimension, the perfect shape, the particular perfect shimmer. Grab a good deal.

Product ID (PID): 77249


Group / Category: Doc Johnson - New Sex Toy - Toy Doc Johnson - TOYS Dildos - Gifts for Her - Vibrators - Pick Your Vibe For 9 - 95 - Super Toys Sale

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