Pdx Cyber Snatch

Pdx Cyber Snatch

Price: 14.95

Distributor: Pipe Dreams

Slip inside your fantasy slut and enjoy the sensation of a super tight, super-stretchy Cyber Snatch! Once your penetrate her tight little hole, the yielding sleeve wraps around your cock and clings to your shaft like a real pussy would. The lifelike lips look and feel just like the real thing--only better! Cum inside her all you want and she won't say a thing! Lube her up and she stays wet until you explode!

As always use plenty of Moist Lube for an extra wet encounter and Pipedream Toy Cleaner for quick and easy clean-up.!

Item Length: 5 within. - ( 13 centimeter )!

Product Width: 2 in. -- ( 5 cm )

Item Elevation: 2 in. - ( 5 cm )

Product ID (PID): 114955


Group / Category: Masturbators - Pipedream Extreme - Vaginas - Toys Under 50 - Last Minute for Him

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