Hunk (Voice Activated Toys)

Hunk (Voice Activated Toys)

Price: 77.89

Distributor: Lady Calston

Tone of voice Activated Toys Only Accessible from Lady Calston! 2. Super Soft Soothing Feelings.. * Responds to Your own Specific Voice Commands.... 2. 9 Unique Functions.... 2. Soft PVC Sleeve... Shhhh!! Only your vibrator understands for sure!! Sleek Cutting-edge Design!! *Completely Programmable in order to your Own voice!! *Responds directly to your Instructions!! There is certainly 2 other Tone of voice Activated Models to select From!! Talk To your own Vibe & It May Respond!

Product ID (PID): 69882


Group / Category: Vibrators - Toy - New Sex Toy - Lady Calston - Gifts for Her - Ultimate Gifts - Half OFF Toys - Gifts for Her - Valentines Day Gifts - Toys Sale - Super Toys Sale

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