Fukuoku 9000

Fukuoku 9000

Price: 22.46

Distributor: Fukuoku

The Ogirinal world's smallest massager... Goes anywhere your fingers can go! "Making your fingers Work 9000 Times Better! " It's small enough to fit in your packet or purse, has an adjustable Finger-Fitting ring and it's Powerful enough to send out 9000 vibrations per minute! And with 3 different stimulation tips, it's like turning one massager into three! Think about the enjoyment you will experience alone or even with a friend. simply no. 45 on "Stuff Magazines" Top 69 sexiest individuals, places and positions associated with 2001.

Runtime: n/a

Product ID (PID): 52467


Group / Category: Vibrators - Hottest Selling Toys - Stocking Stuffers - Toys Less Than 30 - Fukuoku Toys - Toys Sale - Super Toys Sale

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