Fetish Fantsy Extreme Pig Hood

Fetish Fantsy Extreme Pig Hood

Price: 129.95

Distributor: Pipe Dreams

Take your role-playing fantasies to the extreme with the Lil Piggy latex hood. Will your subject just sit on the couch all day and dream about stuffing their face? If so, this full-coverage latex cover is a must-have with regard to latex enthusiasts and perfect for costume play and sensory deprivation. The playful pink hood features two large eyes for obvious viewing and a molded snout with holes with regard to easy breathing. Your subject matter will be able to see clearly and smell every delicious scent, but they won't be able to pig out and put anything in their own mouth. You'll teach your Lil Piggy proper manners in no time!
The smooth latex feels great on your skin and provides a zipper back along with zipper guard to guard your own hair or skin through getting pinched. One dimension fits most.
SUGGESTION: Applying baby powder or even talc to the epidermis and inside of your own new latex product can make it easier to place it on.

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Group / Category: Fetish Fantasy Extreme - Fetish - Toys Bondage - Hoods

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