Fetish Fantasy Series Pleasure Tape- Clear

Fetish Fantasy Series Pleasure Tape- Clear

Price: 12.99

Distributor: Pipe Dreams

Put your lover in a sticky situation with this particular non sticky bondage recording. This shiny PVC recording onlly sticks to alone so it does not really pull hair or depart any sticky residue. is actually ideal for the novice plus the fetish aficionado as well. Pleasure tape can end up being used to bind fun blindfold or dress the particular object of the affection. The Easy to use plus visually stunning. Wrap your spouse up tonight. its guaranteed to please you both.

Product ID (PID): 113588


Group / Category: New Sex Toy - Fetish - Gifts for Them - Gag Gifts - Fetish Fantasy - Valentines Day Gifts - Fetish Fantasy - Gifts for Them

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