Fetish Fantasy Extreme - Inflatable Latex Gas Mask

Fetish Fantasy Extreme - Inflatable Latex Gas Mask

Price: 199.95

Distributor: Pipe Dreams

Go through the thrill of sensory starvation with the Fetish Illusion Extreme Inflatable Latex Fuel Mask. Not for the particular faint of heart, this particular hand-tailored unisex gas cover up is made from top quality latex and designed regarding experienced fetish enthusiasts. The single plastic breathing pipe attaches to the mouth area from the hood, while 2 plastic windows allow your own susceptible to see what? t taking place. Once inflated, the particular latex bladders inside the particular hood apply even stress around the head, offering the subject a sensation of total sensory starvation. The zippered hood pumps utilizing a standard tire-stem control device within the front and may be inflated by mouth area, pump or compressor. In order to relieve the pressure, basically squeeze the valve come and the air bladders will deflate. One dimension fits most. TIP: Applying baby powder or talc to the skin and inside of your new latex product makes it easier to put it on.

Product ID (PID): 114008


Group / Category: Fetish Fantasy Extreme - Toys Bondage - Gay Toy

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