Fetish Fantasy Extreme - Freaky Jason Mask

Fetish Fantasy Extreme - Freaky Jason Mask

Price: 29.95

Distributor: Pipe Dreams

Take your role playing fantasies to the extreme with the Fetish Fantasy Extreme Freaky Jason Mask. This heavy-duty difficult plastic hockey mask features two large eyeholes covered by wire mesh screens and breathe holes with regard to easy ventilation.
The unisex mask can be worn by a master or submissive and will inspire fear in all! The inside of the mask offers padded foam bumpers on the forehead and cheek bones, having a 3-way flexible elastic band on the back that stretches to fit most sizes. It can comfortable to wear, easy to breathe in, and made to play hard. 1 size fits most.

Product ID (PID): 114003


Group / Category: Fetish Fantasy Extreme - Toys Bondage - Gay Toy

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