Eros Women BodyGlide 3.4 - GEL

Eros Women BodyGlide 3.4 - GEL

Price: 7.46

Distributor: EROS

PJUR EROS WOMAN BODYGLIDE SOLUTION products are designed specifically for the soft plus sensitive skin of ladies and will flush via a woman? s system quicker than the original formula. A thinner (3%) or even a less viscous edition of the original Bodyglide formulation, it spreads away faster and may really feel slipperier that the initial Bodyglide formulation. Some clients show Woman Bodyglide seems even softer. Super-concentrated, you will use about one-fifth of the amount as compared to water-based products, making Woman Bodyglide a more economical choice.

Product ID (PID): 45835


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