Booty Beads Black

Booty Beads Black

Price: 29.95

Distributor: B.M.S. Enterprises

The Ultimate Anal Toy. Bling for your booty. Feel the vibrations Tip to Tip. You have never felt anything like this before! Every bead vibrates between the two bullets so you won't miss a spot! Just slip in the included batteries and then youâ??re ready with regard to some anal fun. This will blow more compared to just the mind! Give this a try. Great with regard to both sexes.

-Feel Vibrations almost all the way through in order to the tip. Vibrations may be felt through each bead, from tip in order to tip. The beads are usually smaller and therefore a lot more precise than other products.
-Powerful. Don't let its size fool you these beads pack some powerful vibrations!
-Amazingly flexible, the shaft is completely bendable.
-Small, discrete and pretty. The shape itself sets it apart from other anal toys it is not phallic or tear shaped, making it perfect for someone looking for something different or that isn't obviously an anal toy at first glance.

Product ID (PID): 114650


Group / Category: New Sex Toy - TOYS Anal - Toy Anal Vibrating - Gifts for Them - Beads

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