Starting Over

Starting Over

Price: 5

Distributor: Vivid

Starring: Jenna Jameson, Anna Malle, Dallas, Felecia, Alex Sanders, Marc Wallice, Tom Byron, Bobby Vitale, Hank Armstrong

Thanks for visiting The State Of Delirium. Jenna is Allison, the young woman with the heart of gold. In fact a broken heart of gold. Jenna's boyfriend offers been unfaithful, and the diamond his mistress would wear was bought with money from her purse. So she leaves town and winds up in Vegas... with no job, no cash, but one hell of a body.

Runtime: 70 - 90 mins.

Product ID (PID): 50191


Group / Category: Vivids DVD I thru S - Top Ten Vivid DVDs - 5 - 00 Super Sale - Jenna Jameson Special - After Xmas Sale - Big Boob Sale - 5 - 00 DVD Sale

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