Seymore Butts In Paradise

Seymore Butts In Paradise

Price: 6.95

Distributor: Sunshine

Starring: Shane, Nina, Devon, Ron Jeremy, Seymore Butts

We Pick Shane Up In the airport and WOW! Once i first laid eyes on her, well you'll know what I am talking about! anyway on the way back to my house. This incredibly sexy lady somehow talks me in to talking a trip with her. Next thing you know we are with an airplane bound to Puerto Vallarta Mexico. After The traditional balcony bang, Shane leads me to the strip club in the center of nowhere fast. That's where we satisfy nina, a long legged, big busted brunette, who else grabs shane and provides her on stage. Dance with Nina gets shane going and the following thing you know shane starts blowing me Immediately in the club! Right after shane is done along with me, she sets the girl attention on Nina. Unnecessary to say it won't take her long just before Nina is agreeing in order to come back to the hotel around. This is usually Nina's very first period on Camera, and just her second time getting with a woman. Terrible, I couldn't tell! Each girls are very warm, nevertheless shane turns in order to me and says estimate "Give me the Digital camera Seymore, I would like to watch a person fuck her" I believed i was going to boil over! guess you could say this is my really first appearance on Camera too! When we get back to L. A. Shane will off to find work. While I'm left to entertain Ron and Devon. Devon is a elegant Brunette who transforms from Slightly nervous to throwing out me and begging Ron to stick his cock up her ass!! Great anal Action!! Meanwhile Not only does Shane find a job, she awakens me to one of the wildest women i have ever met! Wait until you meet Shane! Take pleasure in.. I Did! Seymore.

Product ID (PID): 111651


Group / Category: DVD Hardcore - DVD Seymore Classics - DVD Sunshine 2 Hours

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