Mama Tapped Datt Young Ass

Mama Tapped Datt Young Ass

Price: 23.95

Distributor: Loves Kitty

Starring: Xena, Coral, Creamy, Aries Crush, Coco Dior, Decollector, As'a Spades, Cherry Millenium

This is a simple story about strong black older women surprising sweet young girls with ultimate pleasure and basically introducing them to the irresistible taste of pussy! Xena is a rare woman with the beauty and bronze and when she spots innocent coco with her amazing shape Xena had to have her - one taste of Xena's sweet essence is all it took and Coco was turned out! This is a film for strong women and made by strong women so beware! With Love "Meow"

Runtime: 2 Hours

Product ID (PID): 116205


Group / Category: DVD Black - DVD Hardcore - DVD Big Asses - DVD Evasive Angles - DVD Black Lesbian

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