Latin Mother Naughty Daughter

Latin Mother Naughty Daughter

Price: 23.95

Distributor: Loves Kitty

Starring: Bianca Nieves, Tatiana, Juana, Ariahna, India, Cocoi, Argentina, Catalina

This is a story about beautiful Mothers and young Princesses- How they turn them over to the sweeter Side of sex! Innocent covergirl Bianca Nieves- So Delicious never had love like this before. When the mother kisses her and fondles her then licks her sweet pussy. She leaks every where and she trembles with passion only an older woman knows how in order to give! Labia Juices In no way tasted so good!

Runtime: 2 Hrs

Product ID (PID): 116076


Group / Category: DVD Lesbian - DVD Latin - DVD Girls on Girls - DVD Toys and Objects - DVD Family

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