Hustlin' Homeboys

Hustlin' Homeboys

Price: 14

Distributor: Syndicate XXX

Starring: Chaos, Peanut, Venom, Pinky, Seven, Bam Bam, Duke

The boys are in the hood and have something different on their mind tonight. Chaos and Peanut are going to try something new and it? s no large deal. It? s a party for over 2 hours of homies with muscles being real with regard to the night. If you ever thought about trying it,? it? s no big deal? Bam Bam says, HUSTLIN HOMEBOYS are the ones to try it with.

Runtime: 2 Hrs

Product ID (PID): 113188


Group / Category: DVD Gay - DVD Gay New - DVD Gay Black - Memorial Day Sale - Spring Clearance Sale - Gay Sale

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