Heat And Lust

Heat And Lust

Price: 14.78

Distributor: Pure Play Media

Starring: Mario Lazarius, Jose Garcia, Henry Fleischmann, Oleh Grzegorzki, Leon St Pierre, Marlon Abdala, Patrick Rodriguez, Damian Hendrikson, Taylor Jacks, Jack Ramos, Tyrone Best, Charlie Montoya, Jean Marc Prouveur

As being a pornographer is not constantly easy when your thoroughly chosen house boy retains on distracting you along with his oversized manhood. Right now there I am, Jean-Marc Prouveur, sitting on my couch in my lovely home in France receiving postcards from my favourite porn stars trying to imagine through their lurid tales the sexual cavorting they get up to as far as Spain, Poland, England and other exotic place while this pest of a house boy, Damian, plonks himself in front of me and begins to beat his humongous tool rather than tend to the garden.
Pornographers get angry like everyone else, and so do I. But I have to admit that, as i read the postcard from my lover Henry Fleishmann and his wicked tale of seduction along with a handsome electrician, this is of Damian I actually think. I have delivered him away; you plus I have to discover what he's up to.

Runtime: 2 hrs

Product ID (PID): 76543


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