Full Force

Full Force

Price: 23.98

Distributor: Pacific Sun

Starring: Roberto Giorgio, Alexanderu Cuza, Luciano Endino, Leslie Manzel, Adrian Bradshw, Jonathan Collins, Fred Goldsmith, Fernando Nielsen

Every day is about business... until a 1. 9 Million Dollar deal stake out gets busted. That one radiant look in the eye quickly drops 2 hot commando's to their knees, sucking, and 2 rock hard horny black tied business men in a sizzling 4 way at the VIP lounge given one naked moment alone with Roberto Giorgio in a VIP jacuzzi doesn't last long. Roberto licks and eats every part of your body before surrendering his aching man hole whole others slip into the water and ease into a sex orgy. 3 Hot bodied... balled men with raging hard on's gang up on Leslie Manzel in full force and use him as a human man sling to reach his deepest hidden fantasy while onlookers in the hall way get turned on before getting arristed and taken away in a van. One can hope to a place where hotter XXX activity takes place.

Runtime: 2 Hours

Product ID (PID): 95044


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