Dare Dorm

Dare Dorm

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Shocking College Sex Parties!
College Vids Submitted For any Chance to Win $10, 000!
The Best Education You can get? Real University Students!

University: Pennsylvania
Pregaming just before partying is usually simply a cheap way to get ready for an extended night forward, but these kids consider it to the following level. An european exchange pupil named Yan gets released to the American method of partying, and he or she shows the locals the thing or two about how things get done abroad. By this time just about all kinds of debauchery provides broken loose.

College: Ohio
If you are bored at a university within the Midwest with absolutely nothing to accomplish, whats better than rallying together a crew of girls to get wasted and play sexy card games where players win by coming up with the dirtiest answers to kinky questions?

College: North Carolina
North Carolina may be the host school in this latest Dare Dorm access, and the two roommates that taped it were really gung ho about winning the 10k prize. These people were so determined to win that they smuggled a motherfucking foam machine into their dorm room, invited a bunch of babes over and recorded everything that went down.

Runtime: 2 hrs

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