DNA Hunter

DNA Hunter

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Volume \# 1: Mai Had been happily about to obtain married until one time she lost her fiancee, Yuji in a heartbreaking accident. Mai Thought just about all hope was lost plus there was no method to have his child anymore, however she remembered about his research. With the research, they are able to create a living being from a mere sample of a DNA Mai heads for the research facility but she was told that she does not have enoubht money for the prcedure. Seeing fer dedication, the doctor has sent Mai to the Head Quarters of the research group anyway. There, she was introduced to a special team called the DNA hunters, But in order to become part of this, she must pass a test that she wasn't ready for.
Volume \# 2: Mai is today area of the D. N. The. hunter and her very first big mission is in order to collect the semen examples of a bery rich man, however, that's just about all he is not identified for. He is the very sneaky, crooked, individual that has no regard for females and only considers of them as their sex toy. Knowing this particular, the team knew what to anticipate, Until he....
Quantity \# 3: The M. N. A. Hunters encounter their greatest enemies, a good underground mafia who is usually after their secrets!! The particular D. N. A. sportsman face their final problem within this exciting final section of D. N. The. Hunters. Be hunted or be pleased!

Runtime: 90 min

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