Black Street Hookers 99

Black Street Hookers 99

Price: 23.95

Distributor: Evasive Angles

Starring: Sasha Simmons, Ms. Desire, Persia London, Boomerang, Scorpio, J. Cannon, Charlie Mac

Covergirl Sasha Simmons is one hot thang - Working the street of Miami. J Cannon puts it down on her! She is sweet young strawberry - Just 20! ATL shotie boomerang is caught up selling pussy and get Scorpio to give up some money! Plus Ms. Desire a seriously great MILF with ass. Brand name new Persia Star right here with her tight restricted pussy

Runtime: 2 Hrs

Product ID (PID): 114609


Group / Category: DVD Hookers - DVD Black Street Hookers - DVD Black

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