Throat: A Cautionary Tale

Throat: A Cautionary Tale

Price: 11.95

Distributor: Vivid

Starring: Sasha Grey, Penny Flame, Evan Stone, Aliana Love, Allie Foster, Beverly Hills, Brynn Tyler

An attractive woman is found deceased within a field amidst shards of broken glass. Who else was she? Why do she die? Who murdered her? We move back again in time to the girl life as a pupil, waiting tables, unable in order to make ends meet. The lady requires a job in the peep show where the lady learns, with her great surprise, that the seat associated with her sexuality is within her throat. Suddenly her sexual intercourse life, always a pretense of pleasure, changes dramatically. But where she sees pleasure, her lover sees profit and pushes The woman With The Golden Tonsils up the ladder of success, from peep show to private clients to showcasing inside a major club called The Zone. Tired of being used, she photos and attempts to nip off the cock associated with the biggest porn superstar in history resulting in the girl own tragic demise. And naturally, during the autopsy, the particular coroner and his associate find something in the girl throat they've never noticed in any throat just before: a clitoris, handful of skin that made and unmade the life of the lovely nubile girl.

Runtime: 2 Hours

Product ID (PID): 116241


Group / Category: DVD Blu-ray Disc - Vivid Bluray Sale - DVD Hardcore - DVD Deep Throat

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