The Office: A XXX Parody (2 Disc Set)

The Office: A XXX Parody (2 Disc Set)

Price: 19.95

Distributor: New Sensations

Starring: Ashlynn Brooke, Jenna Haze, Alexis Texas, Gianna Michaels, Stephanie Swift, Faye Regan, Dahlia Denyle, James Deen, Dane Cross, Codi Carmichael, Ralph Long, Rocco Reed, Mark Wood

When the cameras enter the offices of Dinder Muffin, it's up to "World's Bust Boss, " Michelle (Ashlynn Brooke) to make sure that the hard drives are hard and the water cooler is wet. And that's why she's not only the boss, she's the employee of the month! It is the must observe XXX tv parody associated with the year, each time a large all star cast (that's what she said! ) stars in New Sensations' hilarious hump-fest: Work: The XXX Parody. The splooge and jokes fly along with Ashlynn Brooke, Jenna Haze, Stephanie Swift, Alexis Tx, Gianna Michaels, Faye Reagan, Dahlia Denyle, Codi Carmichael, James Deen, Dane Mix, Ralph Long, Rooco Reed and Mark Wood. Whenever Michelle (Ashlynn Brooke) will be caught with her feet in her mouth, the girl boss, Jen (Stepanie Swift) swiftly replaces it along with her dripping wet cunt and forces Michelle in order to teach the employees regarding sexual harassment - quality! Today, the employees associated with Dinder Muffin will encounter data entry, overhead, accunting and dicktation like they already have never experienced before! This really is one office where no one gets laid off... yet they all get laid! Michelle (Ashlynn Brooke) Regional Manager of Dinder Muffin, San Fernando Valley: Michele is the beautiful blonde who loves to throw caution to the wind, even when the wind seems to keep blowing it back into her face. That's what she said! She's the boss, but she just wants to be one of the gang - especially if it's a company sponsored gangbang - because she has pride in her company and pride in her ability to take one from the team. And that's why she's not only the boss, but she's also the Employee of the Month. Sam (Jenna Haze) Sex Slave/Receptionist: Whether it's answering the phone, filing, or playing solitaire on her office COMPUTER, Sam always finds period to consider the art profession that could are actually, plus Jimmy filing his huge cock in her restricted wet filing cabinet... plus by filing cabinet, we all mean vagina. She's the particular girl-next-door with an ability to put up with Michele and help to drive Dwayne nuts. Hally (Alexis Texas) Human Resources: She's the Human Resources hottie with a yearning to resolve workplace conflicts any way that will she can, even when it indicates getting her fingers "dirty. " She's brand new, so she works below the Head of Individual Resources. But sometimes she is driven to put the particular "head" back into Individual Resources herself. She's the particular first person the thing is whenever you want a work at Dinder Muffin, the particular last person the thing is whenever you leave a work at Dinder Muffin, plus she's most definitely the particular body you see nude while you work from Dinder Muffin. Candy (Gianna Michaels) Sexual Harassment Advisor: How sweet is Candy? Very tasty, but don't tell her because that would be sexual harassment. Exotic dancer by night (Wednesdays through Sundays featured at Cherry's Two-Lip Lounge & Taqueria), specialist in demonstrating inappropriate sexual contact at work by day. Jimmy (James Deen) Sales "Ninja"/Assistant Regional Manager: You ever have one of those days... every day? Jimmy does. He's a boy-next-door with no drive, other than his sex drive and his ability to drive Dwayne crazy (crazier). All workday long he sits at his desk and tries to get his work done, when he's not on an important booty call with their limber girlfriend, Sam, within the photocopy room. However it's back to the particular grindstone, back to the particular comedy of errors that will surrounds him, back in order to work at the workplace. Dwayne (Dane Cross) Sales/Assistant responsible for Paperwork: Maybe is actually his tremendous eagerness in order to please the boss, or even his excessive neurosis, or even his constant need in order to compete with Jim, or even even his insane capability to rant on for hrs about bears and nut products and ways to smash a man's trachea along with a badminton birdie, yet there is something that will keeps us interested within what Dwayne will say or do next. Sometimes what he does next is Christine in the break room until he pops on her giant breasts (and sometimes the vending machine). And that especially keeps our interest.

Runtime: 2 Hours

Product ID (PID): 96274


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