Horny Black Mothers & Daughters 5

Horny Black Mothers & Daughters 5

Price: 44.97

Distributor: Evasive Angles

Starring: Ms. Townsend, Seni, Monique, Loli Pop, Coco Ray, Sole Dior, Nina Devon, Devin Reese

these are true stories! Real mothers who wants to go a little further and have some wild sex!! Ms. Townsend is actually 50 Yrs old and has a big ole butt and loves dick, balls, cum and all! Ms. Townsenand her daughter are both so hot and horny!! Loli Pop is 34 and has a pretty face and her body is so bomb and she is most definitely a kinky mom! She owns whoever fucks her - Her pussy is that Good. Plus her daughter is usually a little closet fanatic!! Monique is here searching unbelievable and it has her freaky animal heat.... she holes ceasar up!! plus a lot more kinky ass sex!!

Runtime: 2 hrs

Product ID (PID): 91762


Group / Category: DVD Black - DVD Mature Women - DVD Young Women - DVD MILF - DVD Blu-ray Disc - DVD Family

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